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Import from India.

Import from India is one of India’s leading corporate groups, with interests include Export & Import variety of products and services abroad.

About Us

We can provide any product or services from India with Your Brand Name as well.

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ needs, Import from India’s Special team takes care of all your products needs.

We aim to meet the needs of our clients far and near.

We want you to know, we take the quality of our products very seriously.

The biggest reward is the love and appreciation we get from our Clients.

What Services We're Providing

Reliable services, Complete client satisfaction, Safe packaging of goods, Timely delivery, Budget friendly rates.

Quality Products

Import from India is looking to give its customers a unique service, that is why our philosophy is about adding value: customer focused, 24/7 response, market experience and deep knowledge in the Export-Import business.

Easy to reach

India is the logical first choice for many Ghana’s Importers because it’s  English-speaking, politically stable, easy to reach and culturally similar. For many, India offers a test market before heading further abroad.

Ethical business dealings

We are a client-centric company that is involved in fair and ethical business dealings only. Our company has successfully expanded its name in the market worldwide in the past service years.

Reputation for excellent after-sales service

We Know that Three factors are critical to the success of any export sales effort: quality, price, and service. Quality and price are dealt with in other chapters. Service should be an integral part of any company’s export strategy from the start.

Our Qualities

Commitments from Ownership, Understands the added demands of International Business, Keeping Realistic expectations, prepared to modify the products by market demands, willing to work with Government Export-Import Policies.

Long Term Expansion

We know that, Building an exporting plan takes time, so it is important to focus on expanding your business over the long term and not to look for immediate returns.

Long Term Expansion
Management commitment
Our Core Values

We also know that, Total backing from management is the number one
determining factor of export success

Management Commitment
Personal expertise and commitment

Having staff members with international
experience or having employees learn about your target market’s language and
culture will help you enter the international marketplace

Product capabilities

Our company possess the space and equipment needed to manufacture for the specific countries to which you are selling (each of which will have its own product standards and regulations)

Company’s exporting goals

We always consider whether the expected benefits outweigh the costs.

Exporting Goals

Our Vision

To be Globally recognized import – export company that put quality, service, and value as priority to satisfy the needs of our customers, employees and stakeholders.

What Our Clients Says

Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game. And That’s where We’ve won Customer’s Heart.

We find that they are always very responsive to our requests, competitively priced, and offer an excellent service.

Adam Kofi

I would definitely recommend Import from India to anyone looking for an export company in India to take care of their importing needs.

Jenna Smith

We have been using the export and import services from Import from India for many years. They have always been absolutely amazing.

Samuel Stevens

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